Certified Personal Trainer 

I’m very fortunate to follow my passion.  I’m a Certified Personal Trainer and life could not be any better!

I’m the proud owner of “
WORKOUT ZONE” and mother of 3 beautiful children.

I specialize in working with women to achieve their health and fitness goals.  My goal is to help you reach your full potential by using personalized fitness programs tailored to meet each step of your fitness and wellness journey. 

My commitment to you is to encourage you to be the best and happiest version of yourself through training, dedication and motivation.

Through my years of training, I finally found my niche and my workout studio was born.

I work one-on-one with each client allowing me to focus on you and only you.  I keep my clients’ numbers relatively low so that I can dedicate more time to each individual in order to meet their goals.

I train with a wide range of clients:

  • Clients who are new to exercise and don’t know where to start;

  • Clients who want to lose weight;

  • Moms who wish to get back into shape; 

  • Clients who need motivation to stick with a consistent exercise program;

  • Clients training for a specific sport;

  • Clients who are uncomfortable and intimidated by the large gyms and enjoy a more intimate workout setting.​

" I put the “personal” back in personal training!  "




  • PTS - Personal Trainer Specialist, since 2001
  • NWS - Nutrition and Wellness Specialist
  • PFS - Pre and Post Natal Fitness Specialist
  • Bootcamp Certified Instructor
  • BOSU Certified
  • TRX Certified
  • CanFitPro Certified
  • ​OPA Member
  • CPR & First Aid Certified